9 Rules Of Formal Dressing All Modern Gentlemen Should Adhere To

formal dressing modern gentlemenWhether it’s the first time you are going for an interview or wish to upgrade your formal wardrobe, there is always confusion about whether adding a specific color, print, or accessory would be appropriate or not. Your formal attire speaks volumes about your personality, so going wrong with it isn’t advisable.

According to a 2015 study published by Social Psychological and Personality Science, formal clothing impacts abstract processing. Strategy making and creativity both are highly dependent upon this type of thinking.

Leaving an impressive impact with your work attire will benefit you in many ways. Your employer and those who are junior in rank to you will also take you seriously. A prim and proper appearance will certainly give off a professional aura.

There have been a lot of changes in the rules of formal dressing with time. With the introduction of the business’s casual form of clothing, office attire has been redefined. Many new styles of shirts and trousers are being designed to make you comfortable while looking prim and stylish at work.

However, not every workplace has a business formal dress etiquette. It may be a bit more lenient and casual, or it may be strictly formal. Before you begin your new job, or are visiting someone’s office for an interview or professional meeting, find out what kind of dress culture is being followed there. Dress accordingly, and keep the following rules in your mind.

  1. Keep Yourself Groomed

Grooming will ensure your A-game in terms of any form of clothing, specifically office wear.

Have a haircut at least every 20 days to keep it in good shape. You can use hair care products such as hair setting spray, gel, and hair tonics that don’t have harsh effects on its natural color and condition. Having said that, avoid using too much hair gel to set your hair. It will make you look unprofessional.

Clean-shaven is the go-to look for the office, but if you have a beard, maintain its shape using a trimmer regularly.

If you don’t have a habit of giving attention to your nail hygiene, don’t assume your co-workers won’t as well. Clean, trimmed nails will add to your slick up look.

  1. Avoid Baggy Clothing At All Costs

Many times, I have noticed men at my workplace wearing baggy pants or shirts that are loose. Believe me, extra fabric popping out looks wrong, and the perfect fit is the only way to look prim at work. Baggy clothes look unsightly and feel like you have borrowed them from someone else.

Find a good tailor who will alter your shirts, pants, and coat according to your size. Don’t go to the extreme of “slim fit” but opt for a regular fit that contours your body shape.

Also, your underwear should complement your clothes. Go for a boxer brief that is comfortable yet fit enough to not spoil the look of your outerwear.

  1. Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Getting up from your seat and moving around frequently at work causes your shirt to get untucked. As a result, the presentable look while entering the office in the morning is ruined.

You must keep your shirt tucked in a way that it will not come out even if you get up and down repeatedly. So try to insert it neatly and adjust it at times if required.

  1. Play Safe With Patterns

Vivid patterns are a norm in casual wear, but you cannot wear them at work. If you are bored with plain shirts, go with thin pinstripes, tiny polka dots, or subtle chequered pattern, but avoid all these prints in a more comprehensive, flamboyant variety.

  1. How To Carry A Suit

A man wearing a well-tailored suit always looks brilliant and professional. If the dress culture at work requires you to wear a suit, keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, make sure the suit is made with durable fabric and fits you like a glove. The right way to tell if a suit is a proper fit is that there shouldn’t be any gap between your shirt’s collar and suit. Also, it should be ironed.

The button rule is apparent. The middle button must always be fastened, the lower one should always stay unfastened, and the top one is your choice whether or not you want to keep it open. Unfasten all the buttons when you are sitting down.

  1. Never Wear Wrinkled Clothing

An unspoken rule in the world of formal wear is that your clothes should be perfectly ironed. Well ironed clothes will boost your confidence and help you look fresh.

Ironing can help maintain your clothes by increasing their life and removing bacteria on them with intense heat.

  1. Own Trousers In Classic Formal Colors

You can buy a few formal pants in colors that will complement many colored shirts. Like every gentleman, you must have a classic black trouser. Other options are gray (both light gray and charcoal gray), navy blue, and khaki-colored trousers.

If your budget allows, you can also get an extra pair of trousers in a lighter shade.

  1. Accessory Rules

Always keep in mind that your tie should be in contrast with your suit jacket. When you wear it, it must ideally reach your belt. Avoid very large or too small tie knots as it will kill your look.

Always wear a decent watch with your office clothing. Watches make a whole lot of difference for men’s formal look, so you will miss out big on giving an impression if you don’t have a nice dress watch. Avoid sports watches with formal wear.

  1. Formal Footwear Advice

You must add a bit of versatility to your footwear collection for formal wear. Your best bet is a comfortable, slick pair of loafers, which are entirely in trend these days.

Footwear don’ts are also impressive. Maybe you are someone who likes wearing sandals due to their comfort and ventilation, but they do not fit with any kind of formal clothing. Go for classic derby shoes and oxford shoes instead to give off a prim professional appearance. Just ensure they are polished and don’t have any scruffs.

Parting Thoughts

Dressing well has a profound impact on your work productivity. If you abide by the rules mentioned above, you will give off responsible, professional vibes, which may do something great for your impression. You will appear like a sensible, well-groomed employee who takes responsibilities very seriously.

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