Panic Away – 3 Common Fears This Program Tackles

panicPanic Away is a popular system for treating anxiety and panic attacks; this article will talk about 3 common fears that this program tackles. Panic attacks are a very serious medical condition that can affect anyone. They can strike at any time without warning, even if you’ve never had one before. The symptoms can resemble a heart attack and can be very scary. A few scenarios that can cause a panic attack are:

1. Fear of Panic Attacks:

It may seem silly, but many people experience panic attacks because they are afraid of having a panic attack. Seems pretty counterproductive, but the symptoms are real and they are scary. The worst part is that having a fear of having a Panic Attack in certain situations keeps people from doing many things they want or need to do. For instance, if you have a fear of having a panic attack during a work meeting, you may avoid that meeting entirely which will have a very negative effect on your job.


2. Fear of Flying:

Probably one of the most common fears, the fear to fly, affects 1 in 6 people. Panic Away teaches through cognitive behavioral therapy and can greatly help those who experience this fear; helping them to finally fly with ease and make it to the places they want or need to go. When you have a Fear of Flying, it either will keep you from going somewhere entirely, or makes for a miserable flight for both the person and everyone around them. Some simple techniques that Panic Away teaches can help calm your nerves so you can actually have a pleasant flight.

3. General Anxiety:

Another very common problem people have are symptoms of general anxiety which can range from social anxiety to even performance anxiety (inability to get on a stage. ) Others can have social anxiety or simply suffer from negative reoccurring thoughts that make it incredibly difficult to get through their day. All of these problems originate in the mind and they can be tackled if you have the right tools to do so. Some people treat with medication, some go to psychiatrists, others just suffer in silence.

In this article we talked about the Panic Away Program and 3 common fears that it tackles. People who fear having a panic attack, those who are afraid to fly and even those who suffer from general anxiety can benefit from the techniques taught within this program. The system is simple and has worked for thousands of people, it won’t however work for everyone. It is necessary to practice the methods within the program and realize that it can take time to completely eliminate your panic attacks; though many who have tried it have seen immediate results and have at the very least decreased their anxiety levels considerably.

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