Tips to Installing the Facebook Pixel in WordPress

faceThe Facebook pixel is a great analytical tool that allows you to examine people’s activity on your advertisements. The tool is well to understand marketing patterns and business strategies.

Facebook pixel can be used for:

  • Ensuring that advertisements are seen by the right individuals, who could help to promote your business. Find new clients or individuals who have visited a particular page or made an ideal move on your site.
  • Drive more deals. Set up programmed offering to individuals who are willing to make a move, for example, purchasing a product.
  • Measure the consequences of your promotions. Better comprehend the impact of your advertisements by estimating what happens when individuals see them.


The moment you set up the Facebook pixel, the pixel will fire when somebody makes a move on your site. Activities including adding a thing to their shopping cart or buying an item. The pixel gets these activities, which you can see on your Facebook pixel page in Events Manager. From that point, you’ll have the option to see the moves that your clients make. Moreover, you have the option to arrive at those clients again through future Facebook advertisements.

Installing Facebook pixel to WordPress could bring a lot of benefits to your business. Facebook pixel allows you to know more about your audience and allows you to appeal to quick shoppers who can help grow your business. Facebook pixel optimizes your Facebook ads for conversions near to your business goals.

Steps to installing Facebook pixel are:

  1. Open Facebook Ads Manager. Go to the Pixels tab to create a pixel.
  2. A box should appear. Fill in the relevant details. Click on After that, choose the Manually Install the Code Yourself option. A code will appear; copy that.
  3. Install the free plugin-in – Insert headers and footers. Activate the plugin. Then go to settings -> insert headers and Footers.
  4. Paste the Facebook pixel tracking code into the Scripts in the Header box.
  5. Save your changes.

Congo! You are all set.

How to test if the Facebook pixel is working or not?

You might have done all the steps correctly. You might be eager to see if the work is done successfully or not. To do that, you have to install the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension through this link. Once you have the extension activated, open the site where you installed the Facebook pixel. If the Facebook pixel were successfully added to your word press website, Facebook pixel helper would let you know. You will see a message something like “One pixel found on XYZ website.” Don’t worry if you are getting some issue or error. Please take a deep breath and try it one more time.

Another way of adding a Facebook pixel to your WordPress website is using a plugin such as Caffeine.


  1. Go to Pixel Caffeine -> general settings and then click on Facebook connect. Once you’re done, click on Apply.
  2. Go to the Custom audiences area in general settings and configure things like taxonomies, user logged-in status, etc.
  3. If you want to track your conversions, you can do that from the Conversion/Events tab.
  4. Create a custom audience by using the Custom Audiences tab for ad targeting,

And that’s done.


If you promote your WordPress site, you must use the Facebook pixel to reach your expected audience and expand your business up to high skies. You can either add a Facebook pixel manually or using a plugin such as Caffeine. Steps for both are given above, and you can choose either one at your convenience. To check whether the Facebook pixel is working fine or not, you have to use the Facebook pixel helper extension. You can also, opt for SEO packages that include Facebook Pixel installation plan.


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