ASD & Anxiety diagnosis and CBD treatment

ASD & Anxiety diagnosis and CBD treatment 1

Writing to share our personal experience (and success story!!) because I know from reading the posts that many others shared the questions, concerns and confusions I had when we got started, and I hope maybe this is helpful to someone.

My kids: I have an 8yo in the process of obtaining an ASD/Anxiety diagnosis. I also have a 6yo with probable ADHD and with some intense PTSD following a complex open heart surgery this fall. Prior to trying CBD, there was so much angst, anxiety, and fighting in my household between the two of them (I home-school and my husband works very long hours) that I was at my wits end.

I read the pinned post thoroughly but still wasn’t quite sure where to start. Ultimately, I decided to go with a concentrated oil to minimize the number of drops we needed to use. I chose NuLeaf for this reason. I was happy with the ease of ordering and the price, especially with the 15% discount, seemed reasonable. Shipping took less than a week. I live in WI.

In order to soak up the cannabinoid receptors, we started with one drop under the tongue once per day. My kids complained mightily about the taste and it got to the point where this was an impediment to using the oil. So I started putting it in capsules, realizing this might ultimately mean we needed to use more, but wanting to give the oil a fair shake before quitting based on frustration with the delivery system.

I worked slowly, increasing by a drop every day or 2. I know all the resources recommend twice daily dosing, but again, I was facing pushback on this and so decided to go with what works for us despite it being different than what’s typically done. I’ve got some ADD myself and so remembering to dose twice daily is a challenge for me as well as them

Just as I was ready to throw in the towel because I wasn’t seeing any effects, we either saturated our receptors finally, found the right dose, or both. Five drops of NuLeaf in a capsule once daily in the morning, seems to have imbued my older daughter with much more perspective and humor about herself and her tendency to be very rigid, demanding and somewhat obsessive about what goes on around her. Instead she is pleasant and will spontaneously choose to socialize with the rest of the family instead of holing up in her room like usual.

My youngest is suddenly her smiley, happy, self joking rather than the tears and rage and the major increase in clinginess we’d been experiencing since returning from surgery in Sept. Best of all, their attitude toward and tolerance for each other has improved dramatically. They are siblings and very different kids, so I didn’t expect them to be the best of friends, but they will play together happily for a couple of hours a day whereas prior to starting the oil I was constantly breaking up actual physical fights between them. I can hardly remember the last time that happened.

Looking back, the change occurred last Wednesday, and we first started the oil just prior to Thanksgiving, so it was around day 8-9 that we noticed the difference. (I would have sworn we’d been doing it twice as long ;)) We have held at that dose- 5 drops in a capsule once daily- ever since, and it seems to be a good one for both of them. For reference, they weigh about 65 and 45 lbs respectively.

I have noticed no side effects except perhaps increased appetite which I think has led to a greater tolerance for a wider array of foods, which I count as an additional WIN!

Sorry for the length, but again, I wanted to share a story for those who are just starting out and not sure how to choose an oil, a dosage, a regimen, or a delivery system. I chose differently than most people do on probably 90% of these factors but I am totally thrilled with our results. I hope this helps someone!!!

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