What is normal blood sugar level for adults and kids

What is normal blood sugar level for adults and kids 1

Blood sugar, also known as glucose, is an important biomarker for your overall health. It’s the primary source of energy for the cells in our body and helps keep us feeling well. But maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar is essential for avoiding serious health complications including diabetes and other metabolic issues. Here’s what you need to know about normal blood sugar levels in adults and kids:

Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Adults

A normal level of blood sugar in adults ranges from 70mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) to 120mg/dL with an optimal range of 80-100mg/dL. This range may vary slightly depending on age, diet, lifestyle choices, medications taken and other factors such as stress.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Kids

In children and young people, a normal blood sugar level is slightly different than what it is for adults. A normal reading should be between 70–99 mg/dL before meals. After eating something sweet or high in carbohydrates like a sugary snack or meal, the number can go up to 140 mg/dL two hours later (after the meal). Different types of testing methods can provide different results – please consult with a doctor if you have any questions regarding your child’s specific levels or if you’re looking for more guidance on how to manage their diet and exercise habits for better control over their blood sugar levels.

Fasting Glucose Levels

Different from checking a person’s average blood glucose throughout the day (also called random glucose testing), fasting glucose measurements will tell you what your average levels are when they haven’t eaten anything within 8-10 hours prior to the test (confirm direct details with your provider). Fasting glucose readings are typically between 70-99 mg/dL but this may dependent on different factors such as medications taken or illnesses present that could affect hormone production which could then interfere with proper insulin uptake or activity – so always check with a professional before interpreting anything out of context as every situation is unique.

Bottom Line

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can help us feel our best while avoiding serious health problems such as diabetes and other metabolic issues. While “normal” numbers may differ from person-to-person based on age, diet, lifestyle choices and medical conditions; understanding how these numbers look among kids & adults alike will give us an idea of what ours should look like most days when living without any special diets or treatments being followed specifically for these purposes only – at least positive results are now achievable by those wanting better results!!

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