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Online crimes ratio is getting higher in kids, and parents are getting more worried about this digital storm. They want to keep track of them all time but it’s in this era of chaos. Mostly working parents face such issues as their kids become victims of online crimes like harassment, threatening, bullying and such other issues. Besides that, as kids have easy access to the internet, so they take interest in useless things like pornography, gaming or unlimited use of social media.

To prevent and protect kids from digital media negative effects, parents prefer to adopt spy technology. The most reliable software of 2020 is TheOneSpy which facilitates parents with the best kid’s phone tracker. It allows parents to track their kids from any corner of the world. Here, we will discuss how it is useful for parents.

TheOneSpy Kids Monitoring App

TheOneSpy phone spy app is the best software that facilitates parents with its advanced digital parenting tools. TOS empowers parents to keep their kids safe 24/7 by monitoring their online and offline activities in real-time. Parents can read all incoming/ outgoing messages, calls, monitor usage of data, and track their live location. TOS also allows the parents to get a history of any or all activities of kids with exact time and date. Its recording features allow parents to record any activity in short time interval videos. Its bugging features bugs on the camera and microphones of the targeted smartphone.

TheOneSpy gives a guarantee to users of their privacy and facilitates them with 24 hours of customer support service as well.

TheOneSpy Compatibility

TheOneSpy supports all versions of Android phones like from 5.0 to 10. It also smoothly runs with all models of smartphones like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Huawei and LG as well.

TheOneSpy Features for Kids Monitoring

TheOneSpy powerful surveillance tools detect every information from kids’ phone and empower the parents to get aware about the current situation in real-time. Some advance spying tools for kids monitoring app are here.

  • Call Logs
  • Message Tracker
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Screen Recorder
  • Live 360 Surrounding Recorder
  • Live 360 Camera Streaming
  • Multimedia Tracker
  • Phone Contacts Tracker
  • E-mail Reader
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Website Blocker
  • Social Media Apps Tracker

Major Causes of Spying on Kids

There can be miscellaneous reasons when spying is the only option that left for parents. Some parents use spy technology to protect kids from rising online crimes. Some use it to keep a sharp eye on every movement of their kids. Because at the teenage, the kid has no control over their nerves as an adult have. Let’s discuss some major situations when parents need to spy on their children.

Fear of Kids joining of Bad Company

As good company puts a positive impact on people, likewise, the bad company has negative impacts. Kids mostly get indulge in bad habits like taking drugs, abusing, and such other harmful things. Parents can use spy technology to prevent kids before bad habits become a part of their character.

Fear of Being Victims of Cybercrime

Parents have a huge fear of kids becoming victims of any predator. Cybercrime that is mostly seen in online victims is cyberstalking, harassment, bullying and threatening as well.

Important Steps to get TOS Kids Monitoring App

If you want to enjoy this outstanding spying app to prevent and protect kids from harmful things, so you must have to follow these steps carefully to get this amazing app.

Get subscription online

Go to the online website and ask for the subscription of a selected plan and package.

Get physical access to selected App

Read TOS mail and open your account in the targeted phone by putting given ID and password.

Install App in targeted Phone

According to given instructions, download and install an app in your kid phone.

Login from Cloud account/ Dashboard

Go to your user device and open cloud account. TOS will automatically deliver all already information from the targeted phone to your cloud account.

Instant Monitoring

Now you need to activate features on which you want to spy and can start tracking live.


We concluded that TheOneSpy kids phone tracker is the most advanced spying app that facilitates parents more conveniently. Its reliable features work accurately and efficiently without leaving any mark behind.

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