5 Best Plagiarism tools for students For checking Content’s Uniqueness

5 Best Plagiarism tools for students For checking Content's Uniqueness 1

If you are willing to maintain your reputation then you must avoid plagiarism but how can it be possible?

There are many steps that can surely make your content free from plagiarism and it is not wrong to say that all these steps are necessary to follow.

All you need is to use your own words and if you cannot then you must go for some tools to attain uniqueness in your content.

But until you don’t know about the plagiarized text, how can you remove it?

At first, we need to highlight duplication and there is only one way to do it or we can say that it is only possible by using a plagiarism checker.

This tool is only used to check duplication and there is no other functionality like it cannot remove the highlighted plagiarism.

If you are willing to remove the plagiarism then you must need some other tools like paraphrasers or article rewriters.

There are various plagiarism checkers available on the internet and finding a good one can be a time-consuming task.

So, we have concluded the top 5 best tools that can surely help to highlight duplication and generate an accurate source report.

Top 5 best plagiarism checkers

If we talk about the working of plagiarism checkers, it is almost the same but the only thing that differentiates each other is their advanced features.

Some of the checkers possess advanced features and some of them can just be used to find duplication.

Let’s have a look below.

As we have mentioned above, plagiarism checkers are only used to highlight duplication and generate a source report.

So, this tool is enough for both of these jobs and the good thing is, it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Let’s have a look at how to use this plagiarism checker.

5 Best Plagiarism tools for students For checking Content's Uniqueness 2

As soon as you open softo.org, you can see the field where you can paste your content from which you are going to highlight plagiarized text.

When it comes to the uploading options, there are majorly two options i.e., copy-paste and the second option is to upload a file directly from your computer.

Softo.org supports more than one file format in which pdf, doc, docx, and txt files are included.


  • PlagScan

It is pretty obvious that sometimes you surely get unintentional plagiarism and this tool can highlight this unintentional duplication.

When we talk about plagiarism checkers, the very first thing to focus on is accuracy and undoubtedly, this tool provides the result with accuracy.

There are two versions available; one is a free version and the second one is the paid version and this is something discouraging for many students.

But there is one good thing and that is, you don’t need a credit card to enter while using a free version but when going for paid versions, you must enter a credit card.

If we conclude, PlagScan can be enough for checking multiple assignments for free, so you can surely go for this tool.

  • Grammarly

Most of the people may get confused after having a look at the name of this tool so, we are going to clear it first.

Grammarly is famous and widely used for checking grammatical errors and it is not limited to it only, this tool also removes those errors with accurate suggestions.

Then why are we discussing it in this guide?

Grammarly is not limited to correcting grammar mistakes but it can also be used as a plagiarism checker.

We don’t need to switch to any other tool as we can consider it the one-stop-shop for writers or bloggers.

  • Unicheck

If you are willing to go for a paid tool then you can surely go for Unicheck but keep in mind that you need to pay first and then you can check your assignments.

It can be pretty difficult for many students to afford a paid tool and that’s why they ignore or avoid these types of paid tools.

But it is not wrong to say that Unicheck has many advanced features and besides these advanced features, it gives accuracy and efficiency.

All you need to do is, enter your personal details in which email address and your document are included.

Then it will show a screen where you need to enter your banking details for payment purposes and then you will be all set to get the source report.

  • Editpad

Editpad is one of the reliable tool providers that are offering various tools related to writing tasks but here we are specifically talking about the plagiarism checker.

When you get in the Editpad, you can see various tools listed in which plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, and some other tools are listed.

You can simply click on the plagiarism checker and it will show up a screen containing a specified space for input.

Then you can paste the copied content in that specified space and click on the submit button. After performing the following tasks, you can immediately get your results.

Can a plagiarism checker help in making the content unique?

As we have mentioned above, plagiarism checkers are only used to highlight duplication and you cannot remove or rephrase your content using this tool.

But it is important to use a plagiarism checker because when you don’t know about the plagiarized text, you cannot remove it.

So, using plagiarism checkers is helpful in this context and after highlighting the plagiarized text, you can simply use an online tool to rephrase your content.


Luckily, there are several choices when we talk about plagiarism checkers but it can be a hectic job to find the best in these several choices.

To make it easy for you, we have shortlisted the top 5 best plagiarism checkers that are restricted to provide accuracy and efficiency.

You can have a look at them and after concluding your requirements, you can pick any of them.

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